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  • Ashley
    After 40 years, I first encountered the symptoms of acute prostatitis. I would go to the bathroom 6-7 times a night and each urination was very painful. In addition to the prescribed antibiotics, the doctor recommended Uromexil capsules. And at the end of the 2 weeks of admission, I slept normally through the night without running to the bathroom periodically.
  • Vincenzo
    For a long time I ignored the symptoms of prostatitis. And I didn't want to go to the doctor, you know, the digital rectal exam is not a pleasant thing. I tried to select antibiotics and NSAIDs independently, but the effect of them was not enough for a long time. So I decided to order Uromexil. The capsules helped to completely eliminate the groin pain.
  • Giorgio
    Long-lived with chronic prostatitis. He was always seen by a doctor, but the symptoms reappeared periodically. For the sake of the experiment, I decided to order Uromexil. In the first week of admission, the state of health improved: the pain in the groin disappeared and power was restored. I plan to continue taking capsules according to the instructions.
  • Mimmo
    Prostatitis tormented me for 6 months. I have already changed several doctors, but the prescribed treatment regimens do not help for a long time. Neither massage nor antibiotics produced a lasting remission. And I am ordering the Uromexil capsule. The first 3 days there was no effect, but on the fourth day I felt the pain in my groin lessen.
  • Mario
    A couple of months ago I had problems with the potency. If you had sex, then the ejaculation was not pleasant. there was a burning pain. Tests approved for STDs - Everything is clean. Well, I decided to buy Uromexil to normalize the work of the prostate. Potency, like my sex life, improved. I plan to continue taking capsules.
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