Therapeutic therapy for prostatitis at home quickly.

Prostatitis is inflammation of the prostate gland. This pathology is caused by the penetration of infections, viruses and harmful organisms, stagnant processes in the plasma of the pelvic organs, scrotum and prostate. Treatment of prostatitis in family and home conditions using non-traditional methods is as effective as traditional medicine. Many patients treat prostatitis at home.

How to determine the presence of a disease.

A man is worried about alarming signs of prostatitis.

The disease is diagnosed by a specialist, but the pathology is recognized by certain signs. The presence of signs is the first signal to contact a medical center. To receive treatment for prostatitis, it is necessary to recognize the first alarming symptoms at home.

Of course, the acute form is more difficult to treat, because the disease often takes a chronic form, which develops slowly with increasing symptoms.

Prostatitis of the prostate, symptoms:

  • discomfort in the genitals and groin area;
  • increased need to urinate;
  • sexual disorder;
  • in an aggravated condition, increased pain.

Sometimes exacerbations with more severe symptoms are possible:

Pain during urination is a symptom of exacerbation of prostatitis in men.
  • pain in the lower peritoneum;
  • pain when urinating;
  • bad erection;
  • deterioration of general health;
  • Presence of elevated temperature.

After diagnosis, the treating doctor prescribes treatment for prostatitis. Under normal conditions, home methods can be used effectively and quickly. To do this, you can consult with a competent specialist who will recommend effective methods on how to quickly treat prostatitis at home.

The infectious nature of the disease requires exposure to antibiotics (in case of stagnation). The main effort is directed at eliminating the cause of the infection.

Therapeutic therapy for prostatitis at home.

Pumpkin seeds are good for prostatitis; This has been known for centuries. The effectiveness of pumpkin seed therapy is due to the high zinc content of this product. The male body must constantly replenish zinc, which maintains health. It is necessary to deal with dried, not fried, seeds. They are shelled and eaten. One course of therapy requires 500 grams of seeds. Treatment for prostatitis continues until the medication is completely consumed. The prostate requires annual medical treatment.

The first version of traditional methods requires the daily consumption of 35 seeds. This is done in the morning before eating, chewing the product well.

In the second option, the pumpkin seed is passed through a meat grinder and 200 g of honey is added to the product. The dough is mixed well, balls are made from it (like nuts), the product is stored in the refrigerator. You can cure prostatitis this way using 2 remedies. The medicine is taken before eating, dissolving and chewing slowly.

Help wormwood

Wormwood for the quick treatment of prostatitis at home.

This remedy helps to cope with all infections, including pyogenic ones. How to cure a man's prostate with wormwood? Of course, complex therapy shows the best results. To do this, the infusion is taken orally and an internal lavage of the urethral canal is used.

Dried wormwood (100 g) is finely processed and sifted through a sieve. The small fraction is consumed raw and the large fraction is used to make decoctions. Decoctions are suitable for microenemas, they are also used for douching (urethral canal). Thus the prostate can be treated with the double effect of wormwood. Bacteria and inflammation are eliminated. Treatment for prostatitis continues for a week. The dry product is taken orally (a pinch of herb is taken with water). In the afternoons, microenemas are performed with washing of the urethral canal and vaginal douches (decoction).

The infusion is prepared as follows:

1 tspDry raw materials, pour 1 liter of boiled water, cool to 40 degrees. One procedure requires 1/4 cup of herbal decoction. Vaginal douching is done with a pear (injected into the anal canal). The liquid should be injected sharply into the canal, this is a guarantee that the broth will move as much as possible through the intestine. The canal is washed in the same way, there must be two different bulbs for the two areas.

Wormwood has a wide spectrum of action, so before using a medicinal plant for prostatitis it is necessary to consult a specialist, taking into account all the characteristics of the patient. It is prohibited to drink nicotine and alcoholic beverages. Exacerbations of other chronic diseases may occur, with deterioration of the general condition.

Juice therapy

Prostatitis: how to cure it with juices?

You can use juice therapy at home. For this purpose, a specialized doctor prescribes medicinal manipulations in combination with vegetable juices. This therapy has justified its high treatment effectiveness. It is necessary to drink at least 650 ml of juice per day.

Juices that help with prostatitis are:

Prostatitis in men can be cured with juice therapy
  • beet;
  • carrot;
  • cucumber-asparagus.

Products should not be purchased, but prepared independently from fresh vegetables. The course of treatment depends on the complexity of the disease (from 2 weeks). The good results of juice therapy are obtained by drinking black elderberry juice. The juice is taken once a day, on an empty stomach (1 tablespoon for 10 days). Before drinking, add a tablespoon of juice to 200 ml of water. You should know that the product has side reactions with contraindications. The medicine should not be taken without the advice of the treating doctor.

Honey and propolis candles

Most often, patients treat prostatitis at home with self-made suppositories. Suppositories are prepared from propolis and honey and applied topically (inserted into the anal canal). Medicines are kept in the refrigerator.

Rectal suppositories for prostatitis, made independently.
  • How can you make rectal suppositories? You need a teaspoon of honey, an egg, 3 tablespoons of flour. All products are mixed into a mass from which candles are prepared. The product is used twice a day for 30 days, a break of 45 days, after which the course is repeated.
  • Preparation of propolis suppositories: alcohol (50 ml) is mixed with propolis, infused for 14 days in a dark place (the tincture is shaken every day). The infused mass is evaporated in a water bath until it acquires a yellowish brown color. The resulting composition is mixed with cocoa butter. After forming the candles, the products are stored in the refrigerator. The treatment consists of using a suppository before going to bed for a month. Complete recovery occurs after two or three cycles of treatment with this method. Between courses there are breaks of 2 months.

Other popular methods

Another way to prepare a medicine from propolis. To prepare it you need propolis oil. Its preparation: a glass of olive oil is added to a dose of 30 g of propolis and heated in a water bath. The patient must lubricate the perineum with the prepared oil.

Another recipe for rectal suppositories.

The product is very effective for home treatment. To prepare it, take 80 g of beeswax and mix it with the same amount of Vaseline and cocoa butter. The resulting consistency is melted in a water bath and mixed with twenty grams of propolis extract. Suppositories are formed from the resulting mass (preferably in molds). After hardening in the refrigerator, you can start using it. Every day it is necessary to place a candle in the anal canal before going to bed.

There is another good remedy to treat prostatitis at home. It is prepared with honey and parsley (juice). Juice and honey are taken in equal quantities, the resulting composition is taken 1 tablespoon. l. twice daily.

Unpleasant symptoms are relieved by steaming dead bees. The raw materials (100 g) are crushed, 0. 5 liters of boiled water are poured, left for a quarter of an hour and squeezed through cheesecloth. Lotions are made from this composition, which are applied 2 times a day.

Onion treatment

The product is made with wine and onion. For this you need dry grape wine and 100 g of chopped onion (finely). The onion is poured with wine (half a liter), the prepared product is placed in a cold (dark) place and left to brew for a week and a half.
The finished medicine is taken orally, 3 times a day, 1 tablespoon. l. a quarter of an hour before food.

Help chestnuts

For the treatment of the prostate, a tincture of chestnut (horse) skin is used. Powdered chestnut shells (30 g) are poured with a glass of cognac or vodka and aged for a month. The medicine is taken for 3 weeks. The medicine is taken in drops, 15 drops twice a day. Then you rest for a week and a half and repeat the treatment with the healing tincture.

stone oil

Prostate inflammation is relieved with stone oil. Half a teaspoon of the product is dissolved in 3000 ml of warm water. The medicine should be taken half a teaspoon after the main meal. If after 3 days the body does not react, you can start with the full dose, increasing it to three tablespoons per use. The dose is added gradually. The result of the treatment is noticeable after 30 days of use.

Chestnut shells are also often used to treat the prostate. 50 g of crushed chestnut skin should be poured into 3 tablespoons. l. boiling water and let it steep overnight. In the morning the product should be filtered and placed in a water bath. Ultimately, you should get 1 glass of healing decoction. It should be taken orally three times a day before meals (30 drops).

kalanchoe tincture

The medicinal plant is very effective for various diseases, it is used in folk medicine for various diseases. Kalanchoe tincture helps very well with prostatitis. The leaves of the plant are crushed, placed in a container, 50 ml of vodka are poured and the product is preserved for 5 days. Take 1 tsp. After the disappearance of painful symptoms, the drug is used once every 7 days.

red root

The red root not only treats inflammation of the prostate at home, but is also effective in the treatment of pathologies of an infectious nature and successfully treats sinusitis, influenza, ARVI and other diseases. Traditional medicine uses red root to destroy various types of infections.

Preparation of the medicine: cut the root (30 g), add 1000 ml of boiled water and leave for about an hour. Recommended dose: 100 ml three times a day before meals. The product has a pleasant taste.

Hemlock and celandine

Celandine is a popular remedy that relieves inflammation of the prostate.

This drug is taken during inflammatory processes, as well as to improve blood circulation, which explains its effective therapeutic effect in the treatment of prostatitis.

Both herbs are taken in the same quantity (1 teaspoon each), poured with half a glass of alcohol and the medicine is kept in the dark for a week and a half. Then it is filtered. Reception begins with 1 drop of tincture diluted in 30 g of milk or water (increasing the dose by one drop per day). After a month, treatment continues in reverse order (reducing the dose by one drop daily).

To decide the choice of treatment, the help of a specialist is needed. Treatment methods are selected based on the clinical picture.