Treatment of prostatitis with home remedies. The most effective methods.

prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is a problem that many representatives of the stronger sex face. How can you remove it? Let us further consider the list of the most effective home remedies for the treatment of prostatitis, which will be available to everyone.

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What is prostatitis?

Before understanding the treatment methods for the male health problem in question, it is necessary to decide what prostatitis is and what are the main symptoms that accompany this disease.

Prostatitis is a problem that only representatives of the stronger sex can face. It appears as an inflammation of the prostate gland, which can only be removed by surgery. As for using even the most effective home remedies for prostatitis treatment, they cannot eradicate the problem; Its effect is intended only to dampen the main symptoms of the disease. However, despite the above factor, many medical experts strongly recommend pharmacological treatment of this type of disease, combining it with the use of traditional methods; In this way the positive effect will be more surprising and will be achieved in the shortest time possible.


As practice shows, by eliminating it from everyday life, you can protect yourself from the onset of the disease, but treating it in this way is impossible.

Among the factors that cause inflammation of the prostate, in the first place, is the abuse of bad habits, among which alcoholism and smoking occupy the first places. Frequent constipation, as well as prolonged sexual abstinence, can also provoke the development of the disease in question.

Experts in the field of urology often note that prostatitis can occur due to the development of any other infectious disease of the genitourinary system, as well as a sexually transmitted disease. Its formation can also be due to a weakened immune system.

The presence of the problem in question is typical for those representatives of the stronger sex who lead a sedentary lifestyle. This is due to the fact that the nature of the disease in this situation is a deterioration in blood microcirculation in the pelvic area, as a result of which microorganisms easily penetrate it, causing harmful effects and provoking an inflammatory process.


How to recognize prostatitis? It should be noted that this disease presents quite clear symptoms that cannot be confused with anything.

Already in the initial stages of inflammation, a man experiences sharp pain in the area of the urethra and urethra. Over time, the discomfort begins to intensify and, as a result, the process of urination becomes almost impossible: urine is released in small quantities, so you have to go to the toilet very often, and this action is also accompanied by a small amount of urine. due to pronounced pain. Additionally, fine white threads may be observed in the urine of a man with prostatitis.

Symptoms indicating the beginning of the inflammatory process include potency disorders that appear suddenly. This is due to the fact that, as a result of the formation of inflammation, the process of blood microcirculation in the pelvic area is significantly impaired, as a result of which it poorly reaches the penile area, which is why sometimes there is no erection at all. As for the quality of sperm, throughout the entire period of the disease it is of low quality, its consistency is rather liquid, and the mass itself is excessively cloudy.

Men with prostatitis experience excessive irritability and increased fatigue.

Experts in the field of medicine note that all the factors listed among the symptoms of prostatitis do not manifest themselves individually, but in a complex way. As soon as a man begins to observe the described changes, he should immediately contact a specialist in the field of urology and undergo a detailed examination. If you delay visiting the doctor, the problem can develop into a chronic stage, with the appearance of which complete and effective treatment of the disease becomes almost impossible.

Let us further consider a list of effective methods of treating prostatitis, proven by many years of experience.

symptoms and signs of prostatitis

Pumpkin seeds

Zinc is an essential mineral component for maintaining normal male health. A higher content of this substance is observed in pumpkin seeds, which can be used to treat certain symptoms of prostatitis, as well as to prevent this disease.

Experts in the field of urology strongly recommend eating 20-30 fresh, slightly dried pumpkin seeds to all those who have discovered the first signs of prostatitis, expressed by painful sensations. It should be noted that this product helps to cope with impotence and even prostate hyperplasia.

pumpkin seeds for prostatitis

It has long been no secret that drinking honey quite quickly relieves the main symptoms of prostatitis, and the treatment of the disease occurs much faster. Honey is a product that has healing properties and also contains many useful minerals and vitamins that are vital for the weakened male body during the course of the disease. Taking advantage of the knowledge about the effectiveness of honey, many experts in the field of traditional medicine recommend using this ingredient in combination with pumpkin seeds; From these components you can prepare a miraculous dough with which you can overcome the disease.

To prepare the honey-pumpkin mass, 500 g of raw seeds are taken and, after grinding them well, mixed with a glass of natural honey, which, ideally, should be liquid. From the resulting dough, form balls with a diameter of about 1-1. 5 cm, which should be placed in the refrigerator. Once the product is ready, it should be consumed by dissolving a scoop before each meal. It should be noted that the product prepared from the specified amount of ingredients is sufficient for the entire next course of treatment.

aspen bark

Among the popular medicines for the treatment of prostatitis in men is poplar bark, a remedy that can be purchased at a low price in city pharmacies. Many people who specialize in treating this problem with folk remedies still recommend collecting it yourself. These tips are motivated by the fact that during a certain harvesting period (early spring, when the first buds appear on the tree), this ingredient contains a special set of minerals that help stimulate a speedy recovery. The thickness of the collected bark should not exceed 3-5 mm.

After the harvesting process, the product should be crushed well and placed in the oven for a short time so that it dries easily.

To prepare an effective folk remedy for the treatment of prostatitis, you need to take 1/3 of a three-liter jar of bark and fill it with boiling water to the brim. After that, the jar should be closed tightly and sent to a dark, warm place for a couple of weeks. After the specified period, the resulting mass must be filtered; Now the infusion will be ready to use.

It is necessary to take a tablespoon of the product prepared according to the described recipe before each meal.

The use of such a decoction is strictly contraindicated in men who have an individual intolerance to the presented product, as well as in those who suffer from constipation or dysbacteriosis.

Hazelnut color

Many reviews of urologists say that the most effective remedy for treating prostatitis is hazelnut. It is from the aerial part of this plant that an effective decoction can be prepared that will help relieve pain symptoms and also improve the urination process.

To prepare this remedy, you need to take a tablespoon of hazelnut leaves and pour a glass of boiling water over this remedy. The resulting mass should be left to brew for half an hour under a closed lid, then strain and consume. Some recommendations say that it is best to use a thermos to infuse the product.

The product prepared in this way should be consumed during the day, after dividing it into four equal parts.

hazelnut for the treatment of prostatitis


Treatment of chronic prostatitis is possible with the help of a decoction of parsley. To prepare an effective folk remedy, you need to take pre-dried seeds of this plant and grind them into powder using a coffee grinder. After that, 4 teaspoons of the prepared product should be poured with a glass of boiling water and placed in a water bath for 15 minutes. Next, the container with the semi-finished broth must be covered tightly with a lid and its contents allowed to brew.

As soon as the broth has completely cooled, it needs to be strained. To achieve a positive effect, the prepared product should be consumed frequently, but in small portions: a teaspoon, about 6 times a day (before each meal).

Reviews of medical experts say that the treatment of chronic prostatitis in men with this remedy is quite effective. This is due, first of all, to the special qualities of this ingredient. Parsley is known to be a product that has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, especially necessary during the development of the disease in question.

The problem of prostatitis can also be eliminated with the help of parsley juice squeezed from the root of the plant. To obtain a positive effect, it is necessary to consume it in minimal quantities, before meals.


To treat prostatitis at home, ordinary garlic is ideal, which also has an anti-inflammatory effect on the human body. To prepare an effective remedy, you need to take five peeled cloves of garlic, grind them well or chop them very finely, and then pour boiling water (half a liter). After mixing the mixture, cover the container and let it infuse overnight. You can start using this medicine in the morning. This should be done on an empty stomach, twice a day (a quarter of a glass). Before using the product, it is advisable to strain it through cheesecloth or a strainer.

pink rhodiola

How can you treat prostatitis with home remedies? The most effective and suitable product to create a tincture that eliminates the problem, according to many experts in the field of traditional medicine, is Rhodiola rosea, a plant that not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but also contains many components useful for health. . male body.

To prepare a good remedy to combat prostatitis, it is necessary to use only the root part of the plant, which is sold dried and crushed in pharmacies in Russian cities. Pour a tablespoon of this product into a glass of boiling water and place it on the heat for 5 minutes so that it boils over very low heat. After the specified time has passed, the product must be filtered and started to be taken in small portions: half a glass twice a day (before eating).

Rhodiola rosea for the treatment of prostatitis.


It should be noted that when using this remedy it is necessary to strictly observe its dosage, since celandine is a herb that not only has anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties, but also contains substances that, if ingested in excessive quantities, can cause poisoning.

To prepare a folk remedy for the treatment of prostatitis, it is necessary to take the specified plant and squeeze the juice, which has a special orange color. The product must be mixed with alcohol in equal proportions. You can use the product prepared in this way immediately after its creation, diluting it with purified water.

Doctors' reviews say that the treatment of prostatitis with a folk remedy made from celandine juice is quite effective and harmless only if the dosages are strictly observed. Therefore, it is necessary to start taking it with just a drop of a freshly prepared product, diluted with a quarter glass of water. Every day it is necessary to add one more drop to the previous volume. Finally, a month later, the man will drink a remedy made from 50 ml of water and 30 drops of celandine juice combined with alcohol.

The optimal period for treating prostatitis at home with this method is 60 days. After this period, it is recommended to take a break for a couple of weeks and then repeat all the steps.


According to many experts in the field of traditional medicine, the treatment of prostatitis will be effective if an infusion based on Kalanchoe is used.

To prepare the product, only fresh leaves of this plant should be used, which must first be crushed. A glass of this product should be filled with 500 ml of vodka, shake, close tightly and send to a dark and fairly cool place for subsequent infusion. As practice shows, the most effective drug for the treatment of prostatitis will be ready in five days.

When the product is ready, it should be strained with cheesecloth or a strainer and then left in the refrigerator waiting for later use. Treatment of the disease with a tincture made from Kalanchoe is carried out by taking the medicine orally. The optimal daily dose is considered to be 1 teaspoon. until all signs characterizing the presence of the disease are eliminated.

Some experts in the field of urology recommend taking the product prepared in the described way to prevent prostatitis: 1 tsp. in the week.

If you want to overcome the disease, you can prepare another remedy, which is also made from Kalanchoe. To prepare it, it is necessary to take 100 g of fresh leaves of the product in question and, after passing them through a meat grinder, pour a glass of ordinary medicinal alcohol. Next, the dough should be mixed and sealed tightly. The product should be infused in a cool, dark place for 20 days.

To eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis and treat this disease, a well-strained and properly infused remedy should be consumed in a teaspoon, three times a day (20-30 minutes before starting a heavy meal). Reviews about taking this home medicine say that immediately after the start of the monthly course, a significant reduction in pain syndromes is noted, which necessarily accompany the inflammation process.

Kalanchoe for the treatment of prostatitis.


All fans of traditional medicine have long known about the miraculous properties of wheatgrass, the action of which is directly aimed at eliminating inflammatory processes and improving urination. That is why this ingredient is often used to effectively treat prostatitis using traditional methods.

To prepare a suitable decoction, take the dried roots of this plant and grind them well. After this, you have to fill them completely with cold water (it is advisable to use purified water) and let them sit overnight until the roots begin to swell. As soon as this happens, the cold water should be drained and the prepared wheatgrass roots should be poured with 1. 5 liters of boiling water. The container with the contents must be covered tightly and wrapped in a towel. In this way, the product should be left to infuse for an hour and then strained well.

Treatment of prostatitis with a folk remedy prepared from wheatgrass roots involves daily use of the prepared decoction, three times a day, half a glass.


Walnut mass has long been recognized as the most effective folk remedy for the treatment of prostatitis. To prepare it, you need to take a kilogram of peeled walnuts and grind them in any way convenient for you (preferably through a meat grinder). After that, you need to add the same amount of peeled sunflower seeds to the mixture. The ingredients should be mixed and consumed every morning, one tablespoon, after combining the components with a chopped onion.

Treatment of prostatitis with bee products.

Reviews of most specialists in the field of urology often say that the treatment of prostatitis in men will be especially effective if traditional processes are combined with the use of bee products. It has long been known that honey, propolis and bee pollen can not only have an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on the body, but also have a direct effect on the normalization of the functioning of all its vital systems.

To prevent inflammation and calm the processes that are already occurring in the male body, it is necessary to eat a spoonful of natural honey every morning (on an empty stomach). It is necessary to consume pollen in the same way (1 teaspoon).

To prepare the most effective medicine for the treatment of prostatitis, you can use dead fruits, which are always sold by beekeepers. To make a quality product, you need to take a couple of tablespoons of this component and pour it with 500 ml of water cooled to room temperature. In this composition, the mass should be placed on low heat and gradually brought to a boil, and then immediately removed from the heat.

After the product has cooled and at the same time infused (after two hours), it must be strained. Reviews about the treatment of prostatitis with a folk medicine made on the basis of podmora often say that it perfectly helps to cope with the painful sensations accompanying the inflammation process. To obtain the fastest possible effect, the decoction should be consumed one tablespoon three times a day. Some recommendations left by experts in the field of treatment with home remedies say that the infusion can be mixed with honey. Any remaining product should be kept in the refrigerator.

Speaking of treating prostatitis with home remedies, we must not forget about propolis. This product is known to have excellent anti-inflammatory effects, which will be noticeable after 3-4 days of proper use of the product. To treat the disease, it is necessary to drink 40 drops of propolis tincture every day, dissolved in half a glass of cold purified water, 20-30 minutes before starting to eat. The optimal course of treatment in this way is 1. 5 months.

treatment of prostatitis with bee products

A small number of people know that chronic prostatitis can be treated with enemas. For this action, it is first necessary to prepare the appropriate solution, which is made from 40 g of natural propolis, 2 ml of cocoa butter and a glass of ordinary medicinal alcohol. All ingredients taken in the specified quantities should be combined in one container, mixed and only then used in small quantities. To create a solution suitable for single use, you need to take 2 g of the prepared mass and dissolve it in half a glass of water. Using the resulting mass, you should make an enema. This procedure should be done every day for a couple of months. After the specified period, it is necessary to take a break for a month and then repeat the same course.

Many reviews left by experts in the field of traditional medicine say that the treatment of prostatitis in men can be carried out with the help of anal suppositories, which are easy to make yourself. To prepare the products, you need to combine a whole chicken egg in a bowl with a teaspoon of honey (it is better to use a fresh product) and three tablespoons of rye flour. After mixing all the listed ingredients, the total mass will acquire the consistency of a thick dough, from which small candles should be formed. Prepared products should be placed in the freezer and then used for their intended purpose in the morning and evening, one piece at a time.

Use hot baths

Some experts in the field of urology note in their reviews that the best treatment for prostatitis will be when, in parallel with classic treatment, a man takes hot baths with the addition of decoctions of healing herbs. Let us consider below the most effective of them, which has long won recognition among the stronger sex.

To prepare a suitable decoction for the bath, it is necessary to mix dried sage leaves, linden inflorescences, thyme and chamomile in equal proportions. After this, pour five tablespoons of this mixture with boiling water (2 cups) and let the mixture sit for about an hour. The finished product should be poured into a small container and stand in it for about 20-25 minutes. To achieve a positive result, this procedure must be done every night for a couple of weeks.

Experts in the medical field consider this method to be quite effective, but recommend taking a shower after each use of such a bath. In addition, they often note that this type of therapy is excellent not only for relieving painful symptoms of prostatitis and inflammation, but also for preventing the onset of a disease of this nature.