How to treat chronic prostatitis?

man with chronic prostatitis how to treat

Men are often faced with such a disease as chronic prostatitis. The disease affects both young and old men.

The prostate is a vulnerable organ that suffers from various urological diseases. Treatment of chronic prostatitis requires that the patient adheres to medical recommendations.

Therapeutic methods at home.

Despite the fact that chronic prostatitis is a common pathology, it is quite difficult to treat it. First, you need to adhere to bed rest for several days. Second, avoid physical activity.

Third, completely give up bad habits, including smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. After the period of exacerbation has passed, the patient should consider the mode of work and rest.

Simple rules will help in the future to prevent the occurrence of repeated complications:

  1. Don't get cold. It is impossible to sit on cold floors or concrete structures, even if it is summer outside. Wear light, comfortable clothing that is loose and appropriate for the season. To get rid of pathology, it is necessary to harden the body with water in air baths. Walk for 1-2 hours every day.
  2. You can't stand if you really want to go to the bathroom. It is recommended to periodically empty the bladder, every 3 to 4 hours. Overfilling it or long-term retention negatively affects the condition of the prostate gland.
  3. When performing sedentary work, a man should take a break: every 1-2 hours for 3-5 minutes - walk, warm up. If it is not possible to do this, then he must learn to stretch the anus, 40 times in one approach is enough. Such exercises should be performed up to 6 times a day.
  4. Do physical activity in moderation. This is the main factor that helps prevent the development of pathology. To eliminate congestion in the prostate and pelvic organs, it is enough to do gymnastics every morning, moderate walking. You can go to the dacha every week, for example, pick berries, mushrooms, go for a walk on weekends for 3 hours. Also, go to the pool or exercise at home on a treadmill, as well as use other similar simulators.
  5. It is necessary to exclude all factors that can provoke injury to the perineum. Give up equestrian sports, cycling, motocross.
  6. Have a regular sex life. The most important factor that helps prevent congestion in the prostate gland. It is important to remember that it is impossible to interrupt or delay sexual intercourse. Better to have a permanent partner.
  7. Fight constipation.
  8. Alcoholic beverages should stop drinking in chronic prostatitis at the stage of exacerbation. Also, during the period of remission of the disease, the man is recommended to reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible. Especially reject cheap beer and wine.
  9. It is necessary to avoid stressful situations, nervous tension, give preference to meditation or self-training.
  10. Periodically visit a urologist, undergo a preventive examination, take the appropriate tests.

These simple precautions will help prevent the development of the chronic form of the disease and its exacerbation, as well as strengthen the body and increase its defenses.

medical therapy

Most often, inflammation of the prostate gland occurs against the background of various infections and viruses that are sexually transmitted. Treatment of chronic prostatitis is carried out in several stages.

Despite modern diagnostic methods that help determine the disease in a timely manner, 30% of men cannot completely get rid of the pathology. The effectiveness of treatment depends on a well-coordinated relationship between the patient and the doctor.

Main therapeutic steps:

  1. Anesthesia. The patient must take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for chronic prostatitis.
  2. Reducing anxiety. The man is prescribed antidepressants.
  3. Recovery of the urinary process.
  4. Application of topical treatment, such as vaginal douches.
  5. Attendance at physiotherapy sessions.
  6. Targeted antibiotic treatment.
  7. Surgical intervention in case of narrowing of the urethra or abscesses of the prostate.

To date, the treatment of chronic prostatitis with antibiotics is fully justified. But the patient must complete the full course, which takes an average of 2 weeks. In most cases, after treatment, the doctor examines the patient, makes an opinion of her, as a rule, there is a positive trend.

Antibiotics for chronic prostatitis are used because the disease occurs against the background of infection caused by pathogenic bacteria. Only a qualified doctor can choose an effective drug, taking into account the characteristics of the patient.

Important! During the treatment of chronic prostatitis, a strict regimen and dosage of drugs must be followed.

In medicine, there is no absolute drug that completely relieves the pathology. It is necessary to adhere to complex therapy, as well as certain rules. Because the disease is specific and serious, self-medication can be fatal.

To get rid of inflammation of the prostate gland in a chronic form, it is necessary to undergo a full diagnosis, and then effective treatment, following all the rules and recommendations of the attending physician.

Other treatments

Therapy of chronic prostatitis is successfully carried out by conservative means, but it must be comprehensive. Also, a man needs to reconsider his lifestyle.

The development of the disease is affected by an unbalanced diet, a sitting position, and promiscuous sexual activity. Many of these factors need to be adjusted. But there are other methods of treatment that comprehensively help to combat chronic inflammation of the prostate gland.


It is necessary to change the diet as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear. The first thing to do is give up alcohol, since alcohol increases the inflammatory process and pain, irritating the ducts of the gland.

Fatty meats, which can provoke the formation of cholesterol plaques, should be excluded from the menu. It leads to circulatory disorders. You can not eat mushrooms, legumes, organ meats, as well as spicy dishes, tea, coffee, soft drinks and pastries.

Dietary nutrition must be constantly observed, since the use of harmful foods can provoke a relapse of the disease.

prostate massage

The procedure is performed by hand through the anus. This is not the most pleasant remedy used to treat chronic prostatitis, but massage is highly effective.


Thermal procedures improve microcirculation, as well as the absorption of drugs into the tissue. Treatment of prostatitis involves the use of ultrasonic heating, irrigation with antibacterial agents through an enema.


Mineral waters are good for treating chronic prostatitis. In spas, patients are prescribed low-mineralized waters that can be taken orally or in the form of baths.


Therapy of chronic prostatitis is rare but still involves surgery. There is a risk of complications, in addition, this method may be ineffective.

In addition, the patient will have a long rehabilitation period. Therefore, the operation is designated as a last resort.

Surgical intervention is indicated if traditional treatment has not given positive results. Also, surgery is required to eliminate serious complications. This may be an abscess or purulent inflammation of nearby tissues, the presence of stones in the kidneys or bladder.


Treatment of prostate inflammation can last for many months. In addition, even effective therapy does not always help to completely and permanently get rid of the disease.

If a man has been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, he should think about the fact that life will change. Otherwise, the treatment will not bring positive results.

To prevent the development of pathology, it is enough to remember the useful recommendations, since it is easier to adhere to prevention than to treat prostatitis. It is necessary to protect yourself, move more, eat a balanced diet and avoid hypothermia.